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CWU’s Grter Mersey Amal Branch Run On-line Mental Health First Aid Training Pilot

Greater Mersey Amalgamated Branch is very active when it comes to health and safety, and in particular mental health first aid training. Jamie McGovern, Area Safety Rep within the Branch's Postal Section, plays a key role alongside his Union Safety Reps in promoting mental health awareness amongst CWU members, not only at work, but also in the communities that the Branch covers.

Here he reports on the Branch's first on-line training course on Mental Health First Aid:

Online Mental Health First Aid training CWU Pilot course 19th -29th January 2021

This pilot course was run over 4 sessions jointly tutored by Steve Croke & Jamie McGovern who are from the team of national CWU MHFA England trained tutors.

The sessions ran from 3pm to 5.30pm over 4 sessions covering 2 weeks with some additional home study work required.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, a social enterprise offering expert workplace mental health guidance and training, due to Covid restriction classroom courses are not available, so MHFA England launched a new online version of the flagship Mental Health First Aid course.

Online Mental Health First Aid will offer the same learning outcomes as the face to face training and every person who completes the course will be certified as a Mental Health First Aider.

From the CWU MHFA Tutors perspective, we felt it was crucial to deliver this Mental Health First Aid course, largely due to the fact it can be delivered remotely by our Instructor Members and the current demand for this training is huge and the simple facts are that Covid anxiety is a very present and significant risk in many of the workplaces where we have representation.

This new online course ensures we have the option to continue to deliver expert guidance and evidence-based training,to help create mentally health workplaces and support the mental health of CWU Colleagues during this very difficult time.

The online course still covers all main topic areas as detailed below:

Pic: Click on this icon to download the full report in PDF format

* MHFA –Introduction
* About MH-Recovery and stigma
* Depression-What is it and what are the Risk factors
* Suicide-First aid for suicide crisis
* Substance misuse-What is it and the risk factors
* Anxiety Disorders-What is it, Risk factors & First aid
* Self-Harm-What is it & first aid
* Eating Disorders-What is it, risk factors & and first aid
* Personality Disorders
* Psychosis-What is it, risk factors & first aid
* Building a mentally Healthy Community
* More data and useful information to provide signposting support.

The session tutored during this pilot training event also included videos and a guest notable speaker from the CWU Tony Dunbar.

The Online Mental Health First Aid course is a blended approach of individual learning and four instructor-led live sessions, hosted on a new Online Learning Hub.

As a training course, Mental Health First Aid teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

The organisation's courses and resources also promote self-care as vital way for people to help protect their mental health and prevent issues from getting worse.

To date, MHFA England has trained over 500,000 people across more than 20,000 organisations in mental health awareness and skills. The course is one of the latest available, in a new online and digital format from MHFA England.

Jamie McGovern, Steve Croke. CWU MHFA tutors 01/02/21

You can download the full report containing more graphics from the course by clicking on the Congratulations icon above right.


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