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Covid And Ventilation - All You Need To Know

TUC Webinar featuring Hazards Campaign and HSE

Union Safety Reps knew from the very beginning of this Covid-19 crisis in the UK, that as with many viruses, this thing is airborne. That might also be obvious to many given that the virus enters into the lung and the only way that can happen is via every breathe you take!

As with the Flu virus, simple precautions can be taken in the same way as people did in the years of thick fog air pollution - with face coverings!

However, many people are wearing them as in the photo left, or under their noses, just covering the mouth. This makes them at risk of spreading the virus if they are a carrier - we don't know if we are or not!

The need to wear well fitted and well made face masks has been obvious from the beginning to many, but what about workplaces?

What about the spread of the airborne virus of Covid in all internal workplaces?

Good ventilation of interior spaces, factory floors, office environments, and even in vehicles; were part of the general advice given in the early days of the pandemic, and yet it seems the HSE were very slow to investigate how to make workplaces safer and indeed, to be Covid-Safe.

Hazards via Hilda Palmer has always been very clear in what needs to be done to help make workplaces Covid-safe through good ventilation. In her presentation she explains how the virus spreads in workplaces - not from close contact between workers, although that needs to be addressed, but more importantly through the air we breathe in and out.

To provide definitive information about the need for good workplace ventilation, the TUC organised a seminar to be held on-line, hence the term Webinar. Entitled 'Managing ventilation as a Covid safety measure', it was held yesterday 27th January.

It featured Hilda Palmer from Grter Manchester Hazards, and Kirsty Storer-Cattrell from HSE and chaired by Anna from the TUC.

During the event a slideshow presentation of information was provided by both speakers, and you can download Hilda's presentation from the Unionsafety E-Library using search word 'ventilation'

You can watch the recording of the webinar here You will be asked for your email address and then sent a link to use to access the recording which lasts 55 minutes.

Source: Hazards / TUC / unionsafety

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