2021-07-15 17:37

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Health And care Bill 2nd Reading Debate House Of Commons

Following several hours debate today in the House of Commons, the Bill which will inevitably destroy the NHS, giving private Healthcare companies control over delivery of local healthcare and carve it up between them, was given a second reading by 356 to 219. Labour had moved an amendment to oppose the Bill, which was lost by 356 to 218.

The Bill gives the 42 ICS Boards the power to determine their own healthcare staff rates of pay and terms of employment, including the sharing of staff across hospitals and clinics, and the rationing of healthcare services.

The issues highlighted by unionsafety that have been raised by NHS Doctors, NHS Federation, the BMA and Call 999 For The NHS; were raised in the debate, which did not include a single Tory MP opposing the Bill!




There was only one MP who sopke on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, Sarah Olney who spoke in support of Labour's amendment moved by Jonathon Ashwroth in favour of ditching the Health And Care Bill:

Highlights from the Tory benches come in the form of Anne Marie Morris MP (Newton Abbot, Conservative) who clearly has not read the Bill she so keenly supports. Amongst her points was the obvious need for patient data to be allowed to be used OUTSIDE the NHS! A key suggestion which mirrors that of the US healthcare system that this Bill intends to turn the NHS into.

In addition is the contribution from Conservative MP Paul Bristow with interests in private healthcare whose contribution again showed he really has not read the Bill. His support was rather more like one with a hint of opposition as he listed the things he 'hoped the Bill' includes!

More to come tomorrow.




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