2023-08-25 10:28

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Health And Care (Destruction Of The NHS) Bill Documents Published

The second reading of the Health and Care Bill which NHS campaigners and pressure groups have labelled as being nothing more than The Abolition of The NHS Bill.

Pic: Click the individual document to download it. Inherent in it is a re-organisation of the NHS into 42 Integrated Care Systems, an American system of healthcare delivery via Health Insurance and private healthcare companies.

Each of these will cover a large geopgraphic area aligned with local authorities, some of whom have already brought in American healthcare companies, e.g. Wirral Borough Council to deliver what was previously called an Accountable Care Organisation. This was then changed to ICS.

The Bill is going through Parliament starting with the second reading today.

MPs have had just 1 week to read the Bill itself and the accompanying documentation which was published by the Dept of Health and Social Care and explanatory notes published in the House of Commons Library.

Both these documents are available to download by clicking on the individual cover picture of the documents above.

Further previous briefings from the NHS Federaqtion, Keep Our NHS Public and Call 999 For The NHS have been available on this website’s E-Library

Source: Parliament UK Website

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