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How Food Waste Affects Our Health And The Environment 

Bev Kenyon Bootle F S Health safety Officer,Women's Officer,Paragon  Representative volunteers In a community food shop and is shocked by the food waste in this country. Food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas.

So why does the UK throw away so much food and it all goes in landfill asks Bev?

"We import so much food from other countries which in turn is causing greater green house gas emissions from transport. Using local food sources helps, but can not reduce the carbon footprint on their own. Lots of supermarkets are using British products but still throw out food including that which is just coming towards its sale by date; but that still can be used. Using co-operative community shops or food banks who can take this food for redistribution, is a far better and less wasteful use of such food." she explained.

"This gives users and members a choice of healthy food and trying different food from plant base to fresh meat, veg and fruit and an odd treat is always nice. Teaching members on healthy diet plans, which a lot of us take for granted."

She added:

"So with an end result being that of a healthier lifestyle and a lower carbon footprint. The bonus is any money they receive all go back into the community which helps wellbeing and mental  health."

Finally Bev has this message for our Government:

"The government has to tackle this issue of putting unsold food into landfill as part of their Climate policy to reduce carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Until then we have to support community food shops or similar organisations to help the environment we live in and give people affordable food. Shamefully for one of the richest countries.."


The most recent official figures covering the period before Covid-lockdown, published in January 2020, show that UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of food a year that could have been eaten, worth £14bn – or £700 a year for an average family with children.

You can download a document from the unionsafety E-Library called 'Supermarket Score Card' which shows what supermarkets are doing to tackle food waste.

Source: Bev Kenyon / WRAP campaign

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