2023-08-25 10:28

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Leading Award Winning Doctor Warns This Is The End Of The NHS

An award winning doctor and previous BMA deputy chair warns new NHS bill is ‘astonishing’ manoeuvre to allow Tories to reduce treatments and ‘finish the NHS’.

Dr Kailash Chand is former deputy chair of the British Medical Association, an award-winning GP and a leading health campaigner, who has never been afraid to speak out against what he sees as the Tory Government's long-term aim of destroying the NHS as a 'national' service and constructing it in such a way as to make the take over of all healthcare servicesx in the UK by US and UK private healthcare companies.

He has published a video warning the public that the Tories’ new Health and Care Bill – barely mentioned by the so-called ‘Mainstream Media ’ while they fill their pages and airtime with football coverage and personal political scandals – is a manoeuvre to end the NHS as we know it.

The Bill gives power to 42 Integrated Care Systems to take over the control and sepdning of NHS budgets, and determining which services are provided and by whom - the NHS or the priavte healthcare companies sitting on the Boards!

In doing so they will be able to reduce treatements to NHS patients, forcing them to either go without or go to a private healthcare provider and PAY!

This has already begun of course as previously reported by unionsafety and examples given by MPs today during the debate on the Health and Care Bill.

Here is Dr Chand's 2 minute video message:



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