2021-07-15 16:59

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Metro Mayors Joint Statement To Boris Johnson Regarding The Lifting Of Wearing Facemasks

As the RMT pointed out yesterday, the decision of Johnson and his distortion of the science, is placing the public and transport workers at risk of not only catching the virus, but also of violence from an angry element of the public.

Today, the countries Metro Mayors have made it clear that they disagree strongly with the Johnson's decision, and have published a statement to that affect:

As Metro Mayors collectively representing 10 million people, we disagree with the Government’s decision to remove the requirement to wear face coverings on public transport. We believe this puts people who are clinically extremely vulnerable in an unfair position and could affect their ability to travel.

We call on the Government to reverse their decision.

In the interim, we will use the limited powers we have to require the wearing of face coverings where we can, despite the practical challenges of that.

We don’t have the same powers as the Mayor of London over the whole of the public transport system and believe this issue illustrates the need for cities outside of London to have more power over public transport.

Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham

Mayor of Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram

Mayor of North of Tyne, Jamie Driscoll

Mayor of Sheffield City Region, Dan Jarvis

Mayor of West of England, Dan Norris


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