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NHS Abolition Bill Now Published

The long awaited Bill to abolish the NHS and make the already established 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) a legal requirement of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and giving him/her total control over the newly formed ICS and their Boards; has been published following receiving its First Reading (a formal process to introduce the Bill only) in Parliament yesterday, 6th July 2021.

This new Bill amends sections of the Health & Social Care Act 2012 and other related pieces of legislation such as the Healthcare Act 2006, and whilst removing the need for NHS services to be put out to tender as happens now; it DOES NOT stop ICS Boards from doing just that if they so wish!

Pic: NHS Health and Care Bill - click to downlaodIndeed, the ICS Boards are made up of private healthcare companies such as Virgincare already and worse still, they do NOT require anyone from the NHS itself including GPs; to be members of the ICS Board!

The Bill also ensures that these 42 ICS' which will determine which NHS clinical services are provided in each ICS geographical area, and by either the NHS itself or private healthcare companies, and those which are NOT!

Furthermore, it will also publish it's own unique Constitution and set it's own pay rates and terms and conditions for those NHS staff transferred to the ICS determined clinical services delivery. This will mean the introduction of flexible working/sharing of staff across all functions within the ICS Board's area.

The Bill also instructs ICS' to provide data and that of the patients personal medical records within it's area and ensures commercial confidentiality is not compromised by the exposure of business data of the ICS Board and private healthcare companies operating within the ICS area.

This of course means that the public will have no right to know or challenge the activities of the private healthcare companies and the quality or otherwise of the service they provide their patients.

It will make clinical negligence, whistle blowing and recompense for dangerous and harmful practices and even deaths as a result of such negligence; extremely difficult to say the least.

Only the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will have such information and will determine whether or not it sees the light of day or ever enters the public domain.

Further details of this Bill and it's passage through Parliament will be posted on this website as and when it become available. The dates for the second reading, formal presentation by the Secretary of State and the opening of Parliamentary debates

The Bill is available to download from the unionsafety E-Library or by clicking the pic above.

Make no mistake about it - once this Bill becomes an Act, the NHS will effectively be abolished and healthcare in England handed over to private healthcare and healthcare insurance companies as in the United States!

Source: UK Parliament

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