2021-07-08 11:48

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NHS Patient Payment Services Credit Card Back On

First announced in 2016

Pic: NHS Gold CAR

please note: the NHS Gold Card service is currently classed as Top Secret


Well, not exactly.

The new Health and Care Bill 2021 announced 6th July 2021 in Parliament, will no doubt be a poke in the eye to those ignoring this ultimate credit card service, but rather than the NHS Patient Payment Services issueing it, the new 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) taking over from the NHS bodies around the country aka Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG); will be prividing them very soon.

With Virgincare now sitting on at least one ICS Board, private healthcare companies, local businesses, loacl authorities, and er GPs? (apparently not) will be determining which healthcarte services will be provided and by whom!

The NHS? Not neccessarilly!

The ICS Boards across the country will determine which healkthcare providers will be doing the work, and will also be setting their own clinical staff pay rates and terms and conditions of employment, including flexibakle working between hospitals and clinics!

They will also set up their own constitutions in place of the NHS Constitution!

Whilst there is no price list for NHS services that will be paid for via Health Insurance as yet and this may or may not come to fruition, depending upon whether or not a Tory Government continues after the next general election; the clear aim is for health insurance based on the US model to become the norm in the UK.

The pricing we do know of applies to overseas visitors and-or those not eligible for NHS healthcare services, of which these are just an example of such charges:

Pic: NHS overseas patient charges

Source: Gov.UK / NHS England

Pic: Bak to News icon link

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