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RMG Menopause Guide – Supporting Women Through The Menopause
Updated Guide For Managers

Royal Mail Group have issued updated to their guide for managers on supporting women through the menopause.

CWU's National Health, Safety & Environment Officer, Dave Joyce has written to all CWU RMG Branches detailing the guide,

This updated guide outlines the symptoms that some women suffer when going through the menopause, how these symptoms can affect them at work, and practical advice and guidance for managers to give help and support to these women.

Expert Input To The RMG Guide

In the build-up and in preparation for the introduction of the guidance in 2018, meetings involving Royal Mail Group and the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department took place with Professor Amanda Griffiths of the Nottingham University School Of Medicine, who is an expert in the field of the menopause and author of many research studies and guidance on the issue. Professor Griffiths was also involved in the production of the 2016 “Faculty of Occupational Medicine” guidance on menopause and the workplace.

Professor Griffiths concluded that it’s good to see that menopause is increasingly being widely recognised as a
potential problem and is no longer ‘taboo’.

The CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department also met with Jeremy Bevan HSE Head of the HSE Vulnerable Workers Team in 2018. He advised that more awareness and some simple changes, many that women themselves have recommended, can make their working
lives during this time much easier.

Both experts endorsed the RMG/CWU approach.

Main Topic Areas In The Guidance:

* Overview

* What is the menopause?

* How does it affect women?

* How might it affect work?
* What do I need to do as a manager?

* Where to go for further information

* Forms

You can download the guide from the unionsafety e-library here

Source: CWU

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