2021-07-19 12:10

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UK Food Standards Under Threat From Health And Care Bill

The Health And Care Bill is not simply about abolishing the NHS!

Powers to amend or delete food safety standards in the UK that are currently held over from our EU membership, is buried in parts of the new Health and Care Bill.

As explained in the Explanatory Notes to the Bill:

Pic: click to downlaod Health and Care Bill notesClause 127: Food information for consumers: power to amend retained EU law 1006

Clause 127 introduces new section 16 (3A) and section 16 (3B) to the Food Safety Act 1990 and allows the Secretary of State (in relation to England) and Ministers in Scotland (in relation to Scotland) and Ministers in Wales (in relation to Wales) to amend by regulations pursuant to section 16 (1)(e) requirements set out in retained direct principal EU legislation, Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 relating to food information and labelling.

Section 16 (1)(e) outlines which matters the regulations made under the power in this subsection may concern. For example, regulating, labelling, marking, presenting or advertising of food, and the descriptions which may be applied to food. 1007 The Provision will apply to Wales and Scotland, where this Act will legislate for similar powers to be exercised by Ministers in those territories.

This of course will be seen by many food safety concerned organisation as paving the way for the alignment of country of origin, ingredients and other food labelling to that of other countries we trade with. For Example: the USA

Country of original labelling is considered by the US Trade Representative as a barrier to free trade and so the ability of consumers to know where their food is coming from may be impaired by the removal of EU standards we currently abide by and include in our own legislation on food safety.

Source: House of Commons Library

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