2021-03-17 11:20

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Annuncing Peoples Covid Inquiry Survey

Covid-19 has killed over 126,000 UK citizens to date, making the country the worst country in Europe and the western world; for the deaths of its citizens from the Covid pandemic.

The UK government was very slow at responding to the first cases of Covid, and dispite having previously been warned about the lack of appropriate PPE, and the continued cuts in the funding of the NHS; left it over 3 months after the first UK cases of Covid-19, to take appropriate action.

People have short memorries and that is why the UK Government does not want any inquiry into its role in the loss of over 126,000 lives to date, will not accept any personal responsibility and will hold off any public enquiry into its behaviour; until it considers the maximum time elapse from the events of 2020, has been reached to minimise any criticism it may have to respond to.

Now, the pressure group and organisation, Keep The NHS Public, is hosting Zero Covid's 'People's Inquiry' into the behavious and resposne of the UK Government to the Covid-19 crisis and in the way it was handlded in this country.

You can take part in this confidential inquiry by clicking on the pic below, which provides you with information and the link to take the survey:

 Pic: click to take the survey

Source: Zero Covid

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