2021-03-19 16:08

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Government Re-Opens Consultation On Violence Against Women And Girls
Following Public Anger Over Death Of Sarah Everard

A Government consultation exercise on violence against women and girls with a view to making new legislation, previously ran for 10 weeks from 12:15am on 10 December 2020 to 11:45pm on 19 February 2021.

Now, following the public outcry by the public following the murder of Sarah Everard, the Government has been forced to re-open the public consultation until 26th March 2021.

Pic: click to go to Government Consultation websiteThe Gov.UK website announced the new opportunity for the public to comment:

This call for evidence has been reopened to reflect the recent public discussion about Violence Against Women and Girls to provide an additional opportunity to feed into the consultation.

We are seeking your views to help inform the development of the government’s next Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy. We are particularly keen to hear from people who may feel underrepresented in previous strategies or who feel their circumstances were not supported by existing services.

In addition to those with lived experiences of these issues, we are also seeking the views of those with expertise in working with victims and survivors, those involved in preventative activity, and those involved in providing services. This includes relevant professionals, such as those working in social care, education, law enforcement, local government, public health and healthcare.

Everyone aged 16 or over is welcome to contribute to the call for evidence, you do not have to have experienced violence or abuse to take part.

The call for evidence is also available in British Sign Language

It may be also worth noting that 'violence against women' occurred last weekend at the 'vigil and protest' held in London , as the police waited until dark to then physically disperse women and girls at the event. Captured by those attending using their mobile phones, the incident would have been very unlikely to have been reported in the media without this vital action by those seeing such violence metered out by the police.

The consultation takes the form of an on-line questionnaire, or via respondents sending their opinions via email or via post.

You can go to the Gov.UK website for further information and in order to be involved in the consultation, by clicking on the pic above right.

Source: Gov.UK / End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW)

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