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Labour MP Wirral West Tables EDM Highlighting Tory NHS Privatisation Plans

Margaret Greenwood, Labour MP in the North West (Wirral West) who ousted Tory MP Esther McVey in 2015 and others are campaigning against the privatisation of the NHS by stealth.

Her Early Day Motion, tabled 6th March and numbered 1606; makes clear exactly what the Government’s intentions are via this text from the motion:

P{ic:  Margaret Greenwood MP at West Kirby Labour Election event‘That this House notes the Government has published a White Paper setting out proposals for a major reorganisation of the delivery of health and social care in England;

further notes that the Government plans to divide the NHS into local statutory Integrated Care Systems creating the potential for organisations which are not publicly accountable to take key roles in developing plans to address the health, social care and public health needs of local systems;

is concerned that such organisations will then be in a position to influence decisions about the deployment of public resources and that this presents the possibility for conflicts of interest;

recognises there is concern that local plans will differ and lead to a postcode lottery;

notes that NHS England and NHS Improvement carried out a consultation, Integrating care - Next steps to building strong and effective integrated care systems over Christmas and New Year which proposed fundamental changes to the NHS;

is further concerned that the consultation was held over such a short period during the covid-19 outbreak, particularly given that the NHS and social care workers who would be affected had been working incredibly hard under immense stress and many would have been unlikely to engage with that consultation;

is concerned it was not possible for people to attend public meetings during this time; and calls on the Government to pause the whole process until all covid-19 restrictions are lifted and then carry out a public consultation setting out clearly what those proposals would mean for patients and staff.’

The original text and signatories of EDM 1606 can be found on UK Parliament website here

Many will see this EDM as the first test for the Parliamentary Labour Party in showing it's opposition to the privatisation of the NHS by stealth.

However, there are those who believe that too many Labour MPs and Lords have links with private healthcare companies since the Tony Blair Governments of the 1990's with notably Alan Milburn playing a major part in employment by private healthcare companies and Cherie Blair's own healthcare company, Mee Healthcare which went bust in 2015 despite being backed by American Gail Lese, and registered ion the Caimans Island tax haven!

So, far only 20 MPs have signed the EDM - has yours? If not why not urge them to do so by sending them an email or letter or using social media to ask? Doesn't matter which party your MP represents. Find your MP here

Source: unionsafety / UK Parliament

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