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Architect Of NHS Transformation To The American Integrated Care Systems Model
Quits As NHS Head In July

Sir Simon Stevens standing down as chief executive of NHS England at the end of July, was first revealed by the Heath Service Journal.

The government has announced he will become a member of the House of Lords, where they will no doubt expect him to deflect any Lords concerns about the true aim of full NHS privatisation and formation of the American model in healthcare in this country.

But senior sources have briefed the media that Sir Simon does not have another job immediately lined up, and is planning to take a break before starting another role. 

Simon Stevens departure has always been expected because he had one clear objective: to see through his 2014 Five Year Forward View to completion in the creation of the American ‘Integrated Care Organisations’ model of healthcare in the UK.

Prior to joining NHSE, Sir Simon had held various roles for the Minnesota-based United Health Group, including executive vice president, but was best known in the NHS as a highly influential adviser to Tony Blair from 2001 to 2004, and before that to Labour health secretaries Frank Dobson and Alan Milburn.

This of course explains why Tony Blair and hi Labour Government opened up the possibility of complete privatisation of the NHS, and it has not gone unnoticed that Stevens made it clear that the NHS should be transformed to be more like the American private insurance based healthcare.

The NHS is uniquely British It is an ‘exceptionalism’ which Simon Stevens has said must come to an end, as arguably it has with ‘Integrated Care’.

What is not necessarily clear to the public and to politicians at central and local government level, who are involved in these changes, is the extent of the influence of US Medicare providers and insurance corporations on his process of change. This is despite the fact that the other contenders for the post when Stevens was appointed and those who are being considered to replace him are from the international corporate sector, as he was.

Given Simon Stevens background, one would have thought that this should have been perfectly clear to MPs concerned with the NHS and it’s future.

Perhaps the current lack of any public concern being stated by the Labour leader Keir Starmer and Jonathon Ashworth, Labour's Shadow Healthcare Secretary; shows they are fully aware and are in support of the NHS reforms, currently embraced by Andy Burnham ex-Labour Shadow Health Secretary before becoming Mayor of Greater Manchester.

He set up the first major model of integrated care, along with Wirral Borough Council; involving private and American healthcare companies.

Sadly, contact with his local MP over the forthcoming NHS Bill, by the editor of this website; resulted in a speedy response but the main aspect of these changes to the NHS - privatisation - was ignored and not referred to at all.

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