2021-11-03 8:52

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Johnson Shows World At COP26 How to Tackle Threats To Humanity: Climate Change And Covid

Seated next to 95 year old Sir Richard Attenborough, unmasked and asleep, UK's prime minister personified the attitude of the UK Government towards the two greatest threats to human life - Climate Change and Coronavirus!

Attending COP 26 in Glasgow, this photo snap illustrated the lack of concern for the rest of his colleagues at risk from Coronavirus; by sitting in very close proximity to several of the World's leaders totally unmasked!

Given he was reported as being in hospital with Covid-19 last year, and not knowing whether or not he is a carrier of the latest Coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 5 million people to date (according to figures from World Health Organisation)) Boris Johnson merely added to the picture of a Government and Nation that has little concern for the health and welfare of the rest of the world!

Johnson's empty words on climate change, proven by his lack of action on sewage pollution of UK rivers and coastline, on minimal support for Green Alternatives in real terms and the lowering of standards designed to protect wildlife, our Air quality, and our environment and food from chemical pollution and Bee killing pesticides; and last but not least his Government's whole handling of the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK; can be summed up by this one snapshot of Boris Johnson at COP 26. He sleeps as the UK and the World continue to permanently destroy eco-systems, rain forests, our oceans and wildlife across the planet!

The probable extinction of humans as a species together with possibly the hundreds of thousands of species of life on Earth; remains most definitely the final outcome caused by lack of urgent action by the world's governments and that of those producing products and manufacturing processes which pollute our environment, our households and indeed our bodies and that of animals and plants - Big Business across the planet!

It remains to be seen if Boris Johnson and his Tory Government remain slaves to financial greed, profit at all costs and Big Business, and the art of smoke and mirrors, lies, deceit and intentional breaking of promises and commitments to tackle in real terms; climate change and the destruction of the planet's ability to sustain life!

Chris Ingram, web editor, in personal capacity.


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