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The NHS is Dead - Long Live The US Health Insurance System

With the splitting up of the NHS into 42 autonomous Integrated Care Systems developed by US healthcare insurance company Kaiser Permanente, a nationally determined and delivered healthcare system known as the NHS; is DEAD!

The control over the delivery of healthcare in the UK is now with Government ministers and the 42 ICS Boards which now have the power to do whatever they wish with the delivery of care in each of the 42 areas they preside over.

On the back of the Health and Care Bill, not yet passed by Parliament, Boris Johnson has finally admitted to creating an up-to-now secret task force at Downing Street and headed by private healthcare company representatives, business leaders and Treasury officials.

Absolutely no one with ANY healthcare experience or understanding, or from NHS England; is part of the taskforce set up by Johnson to completely revamp the UK healthcare system and align it with that of the USA!

In a news report by openDemocracy, the policy chief heading this 'healthcare' task force has no experience in patient's hospital or GP care and is a business orientated individual with American Healthcare insurance system connection.

In response, Jackie Applebee, Chair of Doctors in Unite, told openDemocracy, “It is shocking that people with no background in health are meeting regularly to determine the future of health and social care. COVID-19 has surely shown us that putting people with no health experience in charge of the NHS is a disaster.”

Once the Bill is passed, the intention is for the American Healthcare insurance companies that run the US system, to take over all of the 42 ICS Boards now set up to decide who and how healthcare will be delivered in each of their SEPERATE Integrated Care Systems; and introduce mass health insurance into what was once the NHS.

"Freedom of Information disclosures to openDemocracy show the new “No.10 Health and Social Care Taskforce” reports to a Steering Group chaired by Munira Mirza, the influential head of Boris Johnson’s policy unit, and that it “met weekly” from July to September with a further meeting in October.", opens the details in the new item.

Further, it states:

"Mirza, a political appointee who previously worked for Johnson when he was London mayor, has no background or policy experience in health.

The disclosures also reveal that whilst some Department of Health officials do attend the task force, it is led by four senior civil servants based at the Treasury, and none of whom are from the Department of Health.

The government has not published any information about the task force’s existence, work, terms of reference or membership – and has refused to answer questions about the nature of its work."

The full news item can be read here:

Revealed: Boris Johnson’s controversial policy chief leading secretive NHS task force | openDemocracy

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