2021-11-05 11:58

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Tory Minister Threatens Children Fighting For Their Planet And Survival

“I'd hate to get into a situation where headteachers and teachers are having to fine families and students.”

Saying that children were wasting their own time by attending the COP256 demonstration today in Glasgow when they should be at school; was a bit of a gaf made by a minister over Climate Change, for two reasons.

One, he intimates that his government at least will be taking no notice of the opinions of a future generation, and future voters, and two; future generations have no rights to express opinion on how the world they grow up in will look like or to fight for their survival.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said this when criticising young climate protesters for travelling to Glasgow to demonstrate outside Cop26 today - saying they should not be there in 'school time'.

Further he made the threat of fines very clear by warning them they faced handing their parents fines for truancy if they attend the march!

So, not being at school is not the main reason for being fined. Rather attending a march that will feature a speech by 18 year old Greta Thunberg, seems to be the sole problem for this education minister!

The Mail reports further:

Mr Zahawi said youth climate protesters should demonstrate at the weekend rather than during school hours. 
The climate strike organised by Fridays for Future Scotland sees participants marching at 11am from Kelvingrove Park to George Square.

It is expected to attract 8,000 to 10,000 people on what is Cop 26's Youth and Public Empowerment Day.
Asked on Times Radio whether he has been invited to join them, Mr Zahawi said: 'No, I'm... I have to say, I wish they were doing it on a Saturday and a Sunday, not in school time.

'We've got two weekends of Cop here in Glasgow when they can have lawful demonstrations, and they should have those and have the right to do that, and I would happily engage with anyone who wants to come and tell me exactly what they think.'

Local authorities have powers to fine parents if their children truant from school. Fines start at £60 but repeated offences can see them rise to £2,500, as well as possible jail terms of up to three months.

Source: Daily Mail / unionsafety

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