2021-10-26 13:40

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If Covid Was A World Football Tournament, England Would Win The Cup!

England wins the (Covid) World Cup!

Italy 33 – UK 890

World leaders are promoting the UK as being the perfect country in the world for scoring the highest number of Covid deaths and as a perfect example to the world’s countries of how NOT to deal with the Pandemic!

Figures released today (26th October) by the ONS show that deaths registered in the week ending 15th October 2021, from Covid-19 were 890 which is a 7.9% increase of 65 more than the previous week.

The London Economic on-line newspaper has this:

‘At a recent press conference, Italian prime minister Mario Draghi singled out Britain’s handling of the pandemic, saying “all caution” has been “abandoned”.

The former European Central Bank president said the British approach, which involved a sudden lifting of restrictions on a July 19 “Freedom Day,” shows the need for nations to slowly reopen.

Pic: Johnson
“The UK, one of the countries that conducted its vaccination campaign with great speed, after abandoning all caution, today has around 50,000 daily new cases and 200 dead yesterday,” Draghi said Wednesday, addressing Italy’s lower house of Parliament.

“The exit will need to be gradual,” said Draghi, who is guiding his country through a reopening in stages.

The UK’s new daily Covid-19 cases have persisted above 30,000 since early September. Yesterday, cases topped 50,000 for the first time in three months, with a further 115 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

By contrast, Italy reported 33 deaths and 3,702 new cases Wednesday. Its population of about 60 million compares with about 67 million in the UK.’

Source: ONS / Lodon Economic / BBC

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