2021-10-29 14:14

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The USHCS™ Takes Over NHS September 2011

No, you haven't misread the date in the title of this news item! Nor is this an irrelevant news report some 10 years later in 2021!

The fact is that all of the warnings about the 2011 Health and Social Care Bill which became law in 2012; were accurate. It paved the way for the huge increase in private healthcare providers delivery NHS services, in a sneaky and dishonest manner! Using the NHS logo to hide behind, the public have not been allowed to know just who is providing their GP services, running their hospitals. Nor have they been able to see the huge increase in American Healthcare companies such as Centene, Palentir, United Health and worst of all; Kaiser Permenante!

But the big difference from 2011 is the fact that this time, some 10 years later, there is almost silence from the Trade Union movement, and Unison particularly; over the final act in the death of the NHS!

The Health and Care Bill 2021 will legislate for the 42 autonomous Integrated Care Systems that the NHS has already been fragmented into,; to become a legal entity which in effect ends any notion of a nationally delivered, publically owned, uniform healthcare system.

The NHS is now reduced to a mere BRAND Name! One that is run by American Healthcare insurance based companies with their own budget, constitution, and clinical staff!

The Bill paves the way for precisely what the health service trade union, Unison, warns about in this video they made in 2011.

Nothing has changed, other than the complete ending of the NHS. It begs the question- where are the Trade Unions in fighting against the H&C Bill 2021 and saving the NHS from American insurance companies?

Free! preview of the United States Health Care Service™ replacement for UK's old fashioned health service


Source: Unison / uniosafety

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