2023-08-25 10:28

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Treatments For Which GPs Are No Longer Allowed To Prescribe Medication

NHS England, as well as having determined that over 30 medical conditions will not be treated by the NHS, has already banned GPs from presribing medication for the following conditions:

Pic: Treatments no longer prescribed for.

Further, more will be added to this list as the NHS Long-term Plan kicks and the onus is palced upon the population to maintain it's own health by using mobile phone apps, dietry advice, lifetyle changes; and only using the GPs and Hopsitals as a very last resort!

Lifesciences, as digital and artificial inteligence platforms are called, is part of the Government's aim to vut costs and maximise profits in the same way as is done in the USA! Worse health outcomes and death rates will ensure as a result! Further when medical health insurance and private healthcare becomes more integrated into heathcare, more and more medical procedures will be removed from the NHS and transferred to private healthcare and insurance companies as in the USA!

Here are the current medical procedures no longer done on the NHS:

With the Amercan based break-up of the NHS into 42 autonomous IOntegrated Care Systems, the number of hopsitals, GP surgeries and walk-in clinics are due to be drastically reduced, and with it, a rationing of NHS delivered healthcare.

You can be assured that private profit is the drive for this new fractured and broken system of healthcare in this country, and all you need to do is look at the US healthcare system to know where the UK is heading!

Source: NHS / KNOP / 999 Call For NHS

Pic: Bak to News icon link

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