2021-09-14 11:44

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Stop The Arms Fair Demonstration
- Liverpool

Beverley Kenyon CWU Boote F S Health and Safety Officer attended a demo to stop arms fair in Liverpool. Herer she gives her view of an undusrty that profits from the death of people and communites across the globe:

We must stop fairs like this. People's health and safety globally are being affected not just by death and injuries; they cause a refugee crisis which brings its own issues like bad well being and living in slums. An ambulance driver was attacked in Gaza as he drove a patient to hospital. Even hospitals have been destroyed by drone ttacks

ELTA and Raytheeon produce drones mounted on a targeting system which triggers missile attacks when detecting a signal from a mobile phone. Billions are spent on tanks, bombs, and drones by governments which could be spent on people's health and social care; whilst international aid funding on people's well being and health is reduced as Government's spend more and more on weaponry, promoted by arms fairs across the world.

Think locally! In your home town gangs use guns, knives, and other weaponry which affects safety in our everyday life. Attacks could affect your mental health or leave you with a disability. Generally public safety is undermined.

The title may be Stop the Arms Fairs but the reasons to stop them far outweighs any claimed advantages host countries and cities make for their staging and supporting such an industry.

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