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IWMD 2022 Liverpool - The Criminality Of The Tory Covid Profiteering That Cost Lives

The Government's irresponsible handling of the Covid Pandemic can be considered Manslaughter

The annual event in Liverpool on International Worker's Memmorial Day is always followed by a gathering of those attending at St Nicholas Church in Chapel Street, and this year's event guest speakers covered the most saliant of subject matter and the causes of worker's deaths at the hands of criminal employers.

But the last two years or so of the Covid Pandemic and associated over 170,000 deaths of people in workpalces and care homes included around 20,000 deaths of elderly people that could have been prevented had the Government heeded the advice of the scientists and UK's chief medical officer.

Image: Felicity DowdenUnionsafety has previously reported on the facts that the Government ditched stockplies of PPE, ignored their own reports and policies into the next pandemic less than 12 months prior to the Covid outbreak, and ignored the speedy actions of other nations around the world.

Many people in the North West lost loved ones in care homes and hospitals along with hundreds of NHS workers and care home workers who were denied the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whilst Tory minister's friends made huge profits providing equipment and PPE far too late and of questionable quality and usability.

At this year's gathering on IWMD 2022, Felicity Dowden spoke of the hearbreak that she and many around the country have had to endure at the unnecessary loss of loved ones. Felicity lost her Mum to Covid in a Liverpool hospital.

She spoke of a broken system, of duplicetous politicians; and of NHS Trust leaders who were more concerned about their reputations than telling the truth of what ws going on. Throuought the bullying of clinical staff was rife, as was the personal scrifice of nurses, doctors and ancillary workers.

Their only reward was a clapping of hands on the doorsteps of a grateful public on a weekly basis! As one nurse said, clapping does not pay my bills!

Below is Felicty Dowden's speech, followed by Unionsafety's tribute to some of the NHS and care workers who lost their lives due to the Government's abdication of their responsibility to protect the peopleo f this country!

Source: Chris Ingram

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