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Let's Not Forget NHS And Healthcare Worker's This International Workers’ Memorial Day

Thursday this week, the 28th April 2022 marks the day when we remember all those who were killed at or through work, as a result of Employer's negligence, absent duty of care, and the strive to put profit above the lives of their employees.

Cuts in enforcement of workplace health & safety, cuts in legislation and the Tory Government's passion for cutting 'red tape' has resulted in a working environment in the UK that is falling greatly behind that of other European countries; resulting in increases in death and injury at work.

Covid-19 couldn't have made the attitude of the Tory Government to workplace health and safety and the prevention of deaths at work; clearer as profit was put before workplace health and safety.

Workers were sacrificed in the name of grubby profiteering by business mates of the Tory' with fast-tracked PPE suppliers who produced unusable face-masks and other hospital and healthcare homes PPE.

They argued against the need for PPE in hospitals and care homes for months, and previously having allowed the Government stocks of pandemic protecting clothes, masks, and associated equipment to deteriorate and become unusable!

Here are just some of the faces of NHS and Care home workers who lost their lives as a result of Employer's incompetence and callous negligence of their responsibility to protect the health and lives of their employee's"

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