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On International Worker’s Memorial Day We Will Now Commemorate The Death Of The NHS

Ever since 1997 Trade Unions across the world have come together to remember and to commemorate those who have lost their lives through work on the 28th April – International Worker’s Memorial Day.

Now in the UK, IWMD has further significance – the Death of the NHS!

On 28th April 2022, the UK Government posted notification of the completion of the Health & Care Bill through the full House of Commons and House of Lords legislative process and that it is now awaiting Royal Assent.

Image: NHS Tombstone 2022As a result, the NHS, already calved up into 42 fragmented pieces in the form of so-called Integrated Care Systems based on the Amer4ican model of healthcare provision, has now all but for Royal Assent; become law.

The means the NHS is now called ‘Systems’ and is already being referred to by healthcare journalists such as those of the Healthcare Journal the HSJ, as such.

Now the principle of universal healthcare has been abolished in England, contrary to the NHS Constitution and the healthcare service owned by the people of the UK, has been stripped, and dismantled even before the H&C Bill became law.

The people of England have been robbed of the best Healthcare system in the form of the NHS; in the world. This has happened through the political ignorance of a nation whose media refused to report on the destruction of the NHS by a Tory Government given an 80-seat majority by the working people of the North of England.

Campaigns to highlight the emerging Americanisation of the English NHS have been largely ignored by most people with some calling out the various campaigners as making things up, exaggerating, and even liars!

The most common comment heard on the streets and on doorsteps by campaigners has been “No. The people wouldn't’ stand for that. The Government wouldn’t do that!”

Along with ignorance goes self-delusion, quickly followed by apathy. In short, an unwillingness to accept reality, and in this case, rejection of the facts even when spoon-fed it! In reality, people even refused to read the facts for themselves, even when directed to the source.

Yesterday at Liverpool’s IWMD2022 event Leslie Mahmood Liverpool City Council member in the 1980s, spoke in detail about the ‘Death of the NHS’ in what was a superbly executed speech containing succinct facts and simple explanation of what is now a deliberate act by the Government to deny and fragment healthcare in England, by adopting the American model of healthcare and hadning it over eventually to private health insurance companies from UK and USA.

Introduced by non-other than Rodger Philips who prior to his retirement, was the BBC Merseyside lunch time present of his own daily talk show, here is Lesley providing the full detail of what the NHS is being replaced with:



Source: Chris Ingram / IWMD Merseyside Organising Committee

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