2022-08-17 12:38

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New Booklet On Controlling Infection Risks At Trade Union Meetings And Conferences

Doctors in Unite and the UK Hazards Campaign have joined forces to write a detailed information booklet for unions on how to control infection risks at all in-person events in inside spaces. 

They have produced a comprehensive guide to support trade unions and other voluntary and activist organisations, continuing to meet so that they can control the risks to people’s health.

Image: Reducing Risk of Covid-19 booklet for Trade Unions - click the pic to downloadThe document can be downloaded by clicking on the image right, or from the Unionsafety E-Library by searching the category of ‘Pandemics’using search word ‘meetings’.

GM Hazards and Doctors in Unite provide further details in their press release:

‘It is important to recognise that Covid-19 has not gone away and can still be a major health risk to many people. This advice will also support those in society who are at most risk of infection and who are being denied access to events because infection risks are not controlled.  We know from research that the more times you are infected the more risk there is of developing Long Covid-19.’ 

‘This is an important document to support trade union activity rather than stop or restrict it. 

Too often there has been an accusation that organisations such as ours are only interested in trying to stop people meeting or protesting, when the opposite is the truth, we just want it done safely. 

We know from all the evidence that indoor events without good ventilation, and which have overcrowding without any risk controls, can be vectors of transmission. 

There is at least one national trade union conference this year, which had to be stopped early because of high levels of infections amongst delegates and leadership. 

This results in infections, people having to isolate and stay at home sick and it could quite easily have been avoided with simple measures, such as ensuring all venues used have good ventilation or air filtration, that there is enough room for people to space out and if necessary wear a proper standard of face mask.  These are small measures to keep people protected and active.’

Source: GM Hazards / Doctor in Unite


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