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Robert Tressell Award Presented To Phil Lewis At Hazards Conference '22

At the National Hazards Conference 2022 held at Keel University UK, awards to those recognised for their work on Health & Safety at worrk, is often a feature of the UK's major and only annual conference for Union Safety Reps.

This year, the Robert Tressell Award was awarded to a life-long and well known Safety Rep; Phil Lewis

The RT Award plaque presentation was held on Saturday 30th July 2022 on the first day of the weekend conference.

The plaque reads:

Construction Safety Campaign

Robert Tressell Award

For services to working people

Mr Philip Lewis


Signed by William Laurence, Secretary [deceased] and Peter Farrell, Chairperson.

John Flanagan, Vice Chairperson of the Construction Safety Campaign (CSC) gave a brief history of Phil's involvement of workplace safety:

Philip’s youthful witnessing of a lynching in the USA, galvanised his Socialist beliefs.

He became one of the first Safety Representatives in 1977 in the UK.

He is a determined fighter against asbestos poisoning, establishing the London Asbestos Awareness Group, organising the annual London Mesothelioma Days and chairing London Hazards Centre events.

In paying tribute to the work that Phil does, John said:

"I was honoured to present Mr Phil Lewis, a lifelong activist and socialist, with the Robert Tressel Award for Services to Working People.

Phil is an example to us all and especially young Safety Representatives (SR) of what progress can be made on Health, Safety and Welfare at work and the lives that can be saved by having principled, well trained and dedicated safety reps such as Phil at the workplace" 

In conclusion on presenting the award he said: "Every workplace in the country should have a Safety Rep. They make the working environment safer and save lives"

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