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Campaign Starts To Light Up NW Buildings In Purple For IWMD 2022

The IWMD organisers made up of MAVs and CWU representatives, in Liverpool have discussed events for this year's International Worker's Memorial Day on 28th April this week which will include the installation of the Tony Mulhearn memorial plaque unveiled at last year's IWMD; and the lighting up of the iconic Liverpool Royal Liver Building in the colour purple to commemorate all those who have lost their lives at work.

John Flanagan, MAVS (Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group) and Jamie McGovern, (CWU) Grter Mersey Amal, have written to local officials as part of their IWMD 2022 event campaign and have also proposed that ALL iconic buildings in the North West are also lit up in the same way.

Jamie approached CWU's North West Regional Secretary, Carl Webb about the idea of including all North West famous buildings in the initiative as well as Hilda Palmer from Greater Manchester Hazards Centre; both of whom though it to be a great idea.

The campaign has grown momentum on social networks supporting the original initiative in Liverpool and to extend it to include lighting up of all North West iconic buildings.

Within the H&S community in the North West, there has been considerable support for the idea, and through contacts with local authority figures from across the region; Unionsafety is delighted to report that the North West's iconic Blackpool Tower is now committed to being lit up in purple for IWMD 2022 on 28th April.

CWU's Regional Secretary, Carl Webb has been able to garner the support of his local council for the idea; and now Blackpool is the to have one of its iconic buildings involved in the day of remembrance to all those who have lost their lives at work or through injury or ill health caused by work.

Many workers who contract mesothelioma at work for example, suffer long and life-changing illness before finally passing away. The same for those suffering from work-related cancers, and injuries that cut short their lives.

Carl Webb made the announcement about Blackpool Tower, today on his Twitter feed and also on the CWU NW Region's WhatsApp group, the North West H&S Forum:

"Just secured agreement with my Labour Council to light up Blackpool Tower purple on Workers Memorial Day. Please like and retweet my tweet."

Meanwhile, CWU Grter Mersey Amal Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern has been busy lobbying local council officials and his contacts within the H&S Community around Merseyside, seeking to get more buildings in the Merseyside region lit up on the day:

Wallasey Town Hall,

The Mersey Gateway bridge,

Liverpool Town Hall,

St George's Hall,

and of course;

the iconic Royal Liver Buildings.

Mark Holt, CWU's North West Regional Health & Safety Lead responded to Carl Webb's news telling members of the NW Health & Safety Forum WhatsApp group:

" Amazing Carl!"

He added:

"Anna Rothery has messaged Jamie on twitter and she is requesting the Liverpool town hall lights up purple on April 28th."

Anna was Liverpool's Lord Mayor in 2020 and a great supporter of the work done on IWMD. That year because of Covid all public meetings had to be cancelled and the Liverpool IWMD event held usually at the city's Mann Island Birkenhead Tunnel vent shaft building; was held 'virtually' with Anna posting a video of her IWMG message on Unionsafety website IWMD 2020 report page.

You can still view Anna's message via the IWMD Archive page of the website. You can watch it direct by clicking this news item: Lord Mayor Liverpool - Commemorative Message For International Workers Memorial Day 2020

As per usual, Unionsafety will be covering this year's events in Liverpool and through contributions from CWUI members attending the events across the NW Region.

If you would like to report on your local event, please send your article (no matter how small) and photos to: Webeditor@unionsafety.eu

We should never forget that the death toll from work is down to criminal and negligent employers, and we should never forget those who have paid the ultimate price, along with their families, whose lives are forever changed and who suffer too for the loss of their loved ones for the rest of their days.

For all previous years IWMD event reports, see Unionsafety's International Workers Memorial Day Archive page.

You can also follow Unionsafety's Twitter feed: @unionsafety for the latest H&S news and info on this year's #IWMD2020

Source: Unionsafety / CWU North West H&S Forum / Carl Webb / Mark Holt / Jamie McGovern / John Flanagan, MAVS


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