2022-01-01 9:19

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As Forecast UK Falls Behind On Workers Rights

Unionsafety and those campaigning aginst Brexit and the subsequent Tory lies and broken promises around worker’s rights, warned that the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement which came in force 12 months ago, would result in a cut in the employment rights of workers in the UK.

Image: Frances O'Grady TUC bossToday 1st January 2022, commenting on the one year anniversary of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“One year on since the UK-EU deal came into force, and we’re already at risk of falling behind our EU counterparts on rights in the workplace.

While the EU is boosting rights for platform workers, our government is pursuing a review that threatens to water down employment protection and put hard-won rights on the line. 
That wasn’t the promise the prime minister made to us. He said he would protect and enhance labour rights post-Brexit and make Britain the best place to work in the world.”

She concluded by saying:

“It’s time the prime minister lived up to his word and delivered an employment bill to upgrade workers’ rights and clamp down on exploitative work practices like zero-hours contracts and fire and rehire.”

Commenting on the ongoing Northern Ireland protocol discussions, Frances O’Grady added:

“Months of uncertainty over the Northern Ireland protocol have hit workers and businesses. It’s vital that the UK government urgently finds a pragmatic way through the current impasse and agrees a solution that protects jobs, livelihoods and peace.”

With reference to the new paperwork and checks hitting goods coming into the UK, she said:
“And with goods coming into the UK facing new paperwork, we could see further supply chain chaos, potentially hitting jobs in affected sectors. Government must invest in the infrastructure and jobs we need now to prevent further disruption.”

Source: TUC

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