2022-01-13 12:48

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CWU North West Mental Health Support Awareness Calendar 2022

The CWU's North West Regional Mental Health Network has produced an awarenss calendar to support their Mental Health First Aiders, Union Safety Reps,and their members across the North West.

CWU Area Safety Rep Jamie McGovern and Mark Holt Regional Health & Safety Lead are actively involved day to day on mental health support along with the Mental health Network of Mental Health First Aiders that is well established in the region. Both are involved with the CWU North West Health & Safety Forum with the aim of promoting good mental health and support for thos ewith mental health issues in every workplace within the region that employs CWU members.

Jamie told Unionsafety that there is 'some fantastic work being done by our Mental Health First Aiders' every day, whilst he and Mark are also involved at both regional and national level on promoting mental health awareness amoungst CWU members and in both their workplaces and home environments.

This new 'calendar' of events is just one of the 3 major priorities for the regional health and safety committee, which als includes working for a Zero Covid strategy and Commit to the Trade Union Clear Air Network Charter (TUCAN/Greener Jobs Alliance).

Below is the Calendar which can be downloaded in pdf format from the unionsafety E-Library using the 'mental health' search category and keyword 'calendar'.

Image: CWU NW MKental Health Support Calendar

For further information on the work of the CWU North West Regional Health & Safety Forum viksit their web page here

Source: Jamie McGovern / Unionsafety

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