2022-07-08 19:45

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Dog Awareness Week 2022 Video From Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership

This year's Royal Mail Group/ CWU Dog Awareness Week launched on Monday 4th July and continues until 10th July.

On Merseyside, CWU's Greater Mersey Amal Branch Area Safety Rep in Royal Mail - Jamie McGovern, has for many years worked in partnership with an organisation based in Liverpool that does research into dangerous dogs and education work on preventing dog bites, helping communities to keep their dogs, children, family and friends safe.

The Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership is a group of experts in dog bite prevention and works with local organisations such as the CWU, Royal Mail, Merseyside Police, Wirral Council, Liverpool Council and is based in the University of Liverpool.

They have produced the video below which features Dr Carri Westgarth highlighting the current risks that postal workers face in the UK.

On their website ( www.merseydogsafe.co.uk ) the MDSP explains the purpose of this video message:

Did you know that six postal workers are bitten each day in England?.

This video highlights the role owners can play in keep postal workers safe and reducing dog bite incidence.

Royal Mail workers love dogs, and many own dogs themselves.

Dog Awareness Week is a Royal Mail/ CWU campaign which aims to keep postal workers safe, protecting dogs and their owners from bite consequences, such as injuries and legal action.

Postal workers are bitten when entering or leaving private properties, or when putting a hand through a letterbox.

Aggression in these situations often does not reflect the nature of the dog. Many dogs who have bitten postal workers have no history of aggression or biting.

Source: MDSP / Jamie McGovern

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