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Effects Of Redundancy On Health And Wellbeing

Beverley Kenyon Portable Officer CWU's BFS Branch tells of her experience and offers advice: 

I have Worked in Financial services for 38½ years.

I was made redundant at the end of May, and have written down my feelings and thoughts to help get through the process and hope this helps other people.

What does redundancy mean to us?

Everyone is an individual and the effects are different for you and me. If you have support from family and friends it makes a great difference to your health and wellbeing. If you have not or are in a vulnerable situation it could be a lot worse like domestic violence, gambling and drug/alcohol abuse. Outside support will be needed.  

Financial issues are hard so it's so important to get free advice from the government web site.

You can only get advice from your local council as well through surgeries that councillors put on. Using food banks or community food shops - I work in one it helps - you can get  community support as a lot of those people have been through what you are going through.

Volunteer work helps as well to relieve stress and help you focus. Whether it is environmental litter picking like me, or volunteering at a charity shop - the list is endless.

Beverley (right) and friends

You will gain your confidence back.

As a union officer you can feel worse. Should I try harder to save the jobs but in most cases you can not do a lot.

You have tried your best in the circumstances. It's not your fault!  You need support, not just giving it to your members, it is affecting you. My branch was great, thank you to everybody. So use the union support. It's there for you.

Look at redundancy as ½ full glass not ½ empty, use the CWU courses to build your skills . Local community centres, Salvation Army centres etc all do courses if you do not know what to do go to college.

Most importantly find yourself again and start a new job as you.

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