2022-05-12 14:43

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BT's Peer To Peer Mental Health Team Can Help With Loneliness Says Colin

Colin Johnstone from Prospect is a new member of the North West BT Unions Health & Safety Co-ord, and also a member of the BT Peer To Peer Mental Health team who are active across BT not only in the UK, but also across many countries were BT has staff.

Unionsafety reported last month on the mental health resource which is non-union based and run by volunteers.

It is an important element in the support network in BT alongside CWU's Mental Health First Aiders. Both have in common the one aim of providing support and signposting to mental health services professionally run if that is required, but purely being a kind and empathetic listening ear; is often enough so that lonely person can feel they are not alone and have a friend to talk to.

Speaking about the annual Mental Health Awareness Week, Colin said,

" The focus this year for Mental Health Awareness Week is "loneliness". Those who feel lonely don't need to suffer in silence. WE can offer support and sources of help and advice.

So, if you are like so many of us who feel lonely from time to time, please reach out to BT peer2peer mental health team folks for a chat or advice and help."

Colin is an active member of BT's Peer to Peer Network which aims to support BT employees who are going through problems which are having a negative affect on their mental health.

You can read about the mental health support network in BT by reading last month's article here:

BT Peer To Peer Network Gives Support To Those In BT Suffering Mental Heath Issues

Source: Colin Johnstone

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