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NHS' Universal Healthcare Principle Abolished By Health Care Act : Stand Up - Fight Back

On-line Rally Wednesday 25th May 19:00

Future generations will no longer be covered by the NHS principle of universal healthcare for all in the UK, indeed from the passing of the Health & Care Bill into an Act on 28th April 2022; current generations can no longer rely on this NHS principle.

Whilst the media, TV News in particular, have been in a 'conspiracy of silence' mode and not mentioned the Act or its having now re-organised the NHS into 42 autonomous Integrated Care Systems modelled on the American Accountable Care Organisation paid for healthcare system, with the worst healthcare outcome in the West; campaign groups such as Keep Our NHS Public (KONP), 999 For NHS, and have been educating the public for the last ten years or so about the abolition of the NHS and replacement with the American healthcare system based on health insurance and the principle of making profit by denying healthcare.

Regular readers of Unionsafety will be aware of these facts via the NHS Abolition/Privatisation News Archive page of this website.

Stand Up - Fight Back For The NHS Campaign

Campaign groups have gotten together and are backing the TUC campaign march and demonstration about the cost of living set for Saturday 18th June in London and hope to have a SOS NHS Bloc attending the demonstration which is being held under the banner title of: We Demand Better

In the meantime, Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) have organised an on-line rally with prominent speakers including Labour MP Margaret Greenwood, founder member of Wirral KONP.

KNOP have emailed their supporters and campaigners about the rally and with the opportunity to register to attend what is a very important Zoom event:

The Health & Care Act has now passed into law. Waiting lists are at a record high. The staffing crisis is deepening. NHS workers still haven't received the pay rise they deserve. Private companies' parasitic hold on our health care is increasing. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Now is the time, not to be overawed, but stand up and fight back!

Campaigners, workers and patients must come together to remind ourselves why the NHS is worth fighting for, and how we can win.

That's why KONP have called an online rally via Zoom, to be held on Wednesday 25 May at 7pm.

Speakers include:

  • Dr John Puntis co-chair of KONP
  • Nurse Holly Johnston from NHS Workers Say No
  • Margaret Greenwood Labour MP
  • Amelia Womack Dep. Leader of The Green Party
  • Dr Sonia Adesara KONP Steering Group

Source: KONP / TUC

See also: NHS Abolition/Privatisation News Archive


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