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Liz Truss Trashing Of The Economy To Force The End Of The NHS Completely

Huge Debt To give Millions To the rich, gives Tories Excuse to cut ALL public Services to the bone

Sir Charlie Bean, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England and member of the Office for Budget Responsibility has told Sky News that the national debt caused by the Tax cuts (for the rich) will mean huge cuts in public spending and recommended that the NHS is closed down for good and a new insurance based healthcare system as in countries like Germany, should replace it!

This website has been warning that ever since the Tory Government of 2012, that the NHS was under threat of being abolished as the Tories continued to use the NHS budget to fund private healthcare companies to take-over the supply of healthcare services and treatment, 'on behalf of' the NHS.

The reorganisation of the NHS via both the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and the Health & Care Act 2022, aimed to increase the Americanisation of healthcare in England and introduce the US system of Accountable Care Organisations aka Integrated Care Systems; run by private healthcare companies.

Image: Sky News web articleBrexit saw the loss of some 40,000 nurses and doctors as many left the UK because of the Government policy on freedom of movement and implementation of punitive measures against Europeans already living and working in the country, making them pay anything up to £5,000 in order to request permission to remain in the UK.

Whole swales of the NHS has gone to the private sector, not least ALL diagnostic imaging services (x-ray, CT and MR scans) in short all imaging diagnostic services will eventually be part of 'life sciences' and run by private companies.

The Sky News article reports on their interview with Sir Charlie Bean, with this introduction:

If the government does not reverse its fiscal plans in the coming weeks, it may be left with little option but to cut public spending so significantly it could result in the end of the National Health Service, according to one of Britain's leading economic policymakers of recent decades.

It quotes the former Governor of The Bank Of England as saying:

"There are real questions to be addressed about how the government's fiscal strategy hangs together, and how it can ensure that the debt to GDP ratio is back on to a sustainable path by the medium term."

Asked what it could do to resolve the situation, Sir Charlie said: "The ideal would be to get a Tardis and go back and undo the errors… I find it implausible that the measures that are presently being contemplated to boost growth… will be anything like powerful enough to obviate the need for some significant spending cuts."

He added that the scale of those cuts - potentially as much as £50bn a year - would have enormous consequences for the public sector.

"Frankly, the only way you can really deal with this is with a very fundamental rethinking of the boundaries of the state.

"So if you want to get the share of government spending to GDP down, you have to be prepared, say, to move away from our own health service, which is free at the point of delivery to one funded by social insurance like they do in Germany."

The Guardian newspaper also pointed to the 'botched mini-budge stating that it will result in further austerity:

'The prime minister and her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, will need to find spending cuts worth in the region of £40bn by 2026-27 if they are to meet their own fiscal rules, an austerity drive comparable to that pursued by George Osborne from 2010.

Image: Redwood/Letwin NHS policy paperWhile they have ditched their plan to axe the 45p top rate of tax, that measure only represented about £2bn of the £45bn in tax cuts unveiled at the botched mini-budget.'

The ending of the NHS has always been since 1988 with the publication of the Redwood/Letwin authored policy document - which even Thatcher dismissed - entitled 'Britain's Biggest Enterprise' (available from the Unionsafety E-Library); the aim of a large majority of Tory MPs.

It was given a boost by Tony Blair when he took the idea of each Hospital having their own budgets, which was a major principle in the policy document; and formulated NHS Hospital Trusts.

That was the beginning of the slicing up of the NHS and heralded in the Tory legislation both in 2012 and 2022 which has resulted in the end of the NHS principle of 'universal healthcare for all'.

The breaking up of the NHS in England into 42 Integrated Care Systems with their own budgets, constitution and ability to directly employ NHS on local terms; has no removed the key principles upon which the NHS was built.

Liz Truss and her big bad wolf, Kwasi Kwarteng need only a small puff of wind to blow the whole of the NHS to the ground!


Source: Sky News / unionsafety / Guardian



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