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Woman Killed In House Where Five Dangerous Dogs Found

The death toll in Liverpool from attacks by dangerous dogs continues, this time in a house where police found 5 American Bull Terriers after being called to the house by concerned neighbours.

Image: Dangerous Dog KillsAll five dogs were humanely destroyed by Merseyside Police following their finding the body of a 63 yr old woman when entering the house. A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of owning a dog dangerously out of control and is currently in custody, report the Liverpool Echo.

CWU Union Safety Reps in the North West expressed their concerns on social media following the news report. The Union represents thousands of postal workers and dangerous dog attacks upon postal delivery workers is far too common with on average 32 dangerous dog attacks taking place each week across the UK.

In Liverpool alone 3 major incidents of dog attacks injuring people this year have been reported:

* A 17-month-old girl was tragically mauled to death by an American Bully XL dog in her home in St Helens.

* A woman was bitten on her throat and face and has been left with severe injuries after being bitten by a large dog in West Derby.

* An 80-year-old man, his dog and a man who stopped to help were attacked by two Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Birkenhead Park.

CWU's Greater Mersey Amal Branch Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern has been involved in campaigns aimed at tackling dangerous dogs for many years; working closely with CWU HQ National Health & Safety Officer Dave Joyce who has fronted the Union's major 'Bite Back' campaign highlighting the toll of serious injuries and deaths caused by dog attacks. He has campaigned in Parliament for changes to Dangerous Dogs legislation and the prosecution of owners of banned breeds and indeed any breed of dog that has injured members of the public and postal workers.

image: American Bully XL dogimage: Merseyside Police Dogs Poster - click to downloadJamie also works closely with Merseyside Police and with the Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership, a member of whom gave a presentation on dogs and their behaviour at the CWU NW Region's Health & Safety Forum held in July this year.

Commenting on this latest dangerous dog attack and fatality, Jamie told Unionsafety:

"Merseyside remains the number one hotspot for dog attacks in the UK.

Thankfully the CWU and Royal Mail have been supported incredibly by Merseyside Police over the last 10 years. We remain the only area in the Country with an ‘in force’ postal workers service level agreement.

The CWU in Merseyside wrote to the then chief constable Andy Cooke in 2019 to thank him for the support on offer from local Police Dog Liaison Officers which has been consistent for a number of years. This support even extended to having Merseyside Police Posters in every Royal Mail callers office in Merseyside.

Merseyside Police are without doubt a supportive presence and it’s not only for Postal Workers and CWU members but also for members of the community too, as this news report from the Liverpool Echo highlights:

Both the CWU and Royal Mail have worked closely over the last few years on the issue of dangerous dog awareness, as readers of this website will image: Echo article re 200 dog owners - click to read articleknow. The Unionsafety E-Library contains many documents on the subject of dangerous dogs which can be accessed here

Whilst Merseyside police are taking action over dangerous dosg as Jamie has said, the CWU's North West Region's Health and Safety lead, Mark Holt has differrent experience outside of Merseyside. He commented in the Safety Forum's WhatsApp group, highlighting the need for appropriate police action over such incidents:

"It's shocking, especially in some areas getting the police to apply the dog laws. Thankfully with much persuasion and support from DJ [Dave Joyce] we have managed to get GM police to place charges on an owner after a horrific attack on one of our members. My experience with greater Manchester and Lancashire police has been woeful to say the least."

Meanwhile, Liverpool based Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership is holding their next on-line meeting on 15th November. Further details can be found on their website

You can watch the presentation to the CWU NW H&S Forum by Sarah Garstecka from both the Dog's Trust and the Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership here

Source: CWU / Liverpool Echo / unionsafety


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