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World Mental Health Day 2022 - 10th October

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Annually the United Nations health body - The World Health Organisation (WHO) - supports World Mental Health Day.

The day focuses on supporting and informing those with mental health issues, and educating the general public in order to help remove the stigma around mental health sufferers in general.

By doing so, we hope to ensure those suffering from any form of mental health illness and distress; will be able to feel safe to speak of their feelings without being judged.

The day also follows on from the World Suicide Prevention Day in September each year.

Today on World Mental Health Day 2022, the CWU North West Regional Mental Health Network have produced a new Sway document full of information and support for sufferers of problems negatively affecting their mental health.

It is also all of use those helping to support those we know who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress and perhaps other forms of mental health illness.

Unionsafety fully supports mental health education and the support of those suffering from what is becoming an increasingly serious issue in the UK, as the economy, NHS and other Government policies over the last 12 years has decimated millions of people's lives. This, not to mention the normal stress causing activities such as marriage, divorce, homelessness, and serious illness; is responsible for the deterioration of mental health for so many.

Unionsafety hosts the CWU North West Region's Mental Health Network web pages, dedicated to supporting, informing and educating those suffering mental health issues and to work towards removing the stigma of mental health ignorance in general society as well as the workplace.

CWU as a Trade union, aims to fully support those suffering that which 1 in 4 of us will sustain and suffer from at some point in our lives.

On this year's World Mental Health Day, support and information can be found by going direct to the CWU NW Regional Mental Health Network web pages and in particular today's news item here


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