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Media Reporting Of The Health And Care Act Favours Government Aims

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The UK print and TV news media hardly reports on the Government’s Health And Care Act, but when it does do so, it merely constructs the Government’s media handouts on the original Bill; effectively misleading the public.

In reality towing the Government line on the Bill and reporting on the limited information it provided ensured a lack in detail and analysis of the Bill and the effect it will have in terms of the major re-organisation of the NHS which will change it forever.

At best, Government briefings to journalists are mere propaganda and lies providing fodder for lazy journalism. At worst, such reporting denies the public a thorough understanding of the facts regarding the intention of this unnecessary and badly timed re-organisation of the NHS; and ignores the true nature and intent of the Act – the eventual full privatisation of health  and scoail care in the UK and preference for the American versions based upon business models and profiteering.

The ultimate aim is for the NHS to become nothing more than an insurance based system as per that of the United States which is based on denial of treatment in order to maximise profit!

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Americanisation of the NHS into profiteering model of healthcare that in the US causes tens of thousands of families to go into bankruptcy due to extensive and unaffordable medical bills

When it comes to the reporting of the Health And Care Act and it’s creation of Integrated Care Systems (based on the American Accountable Care Organisation concept of healthcare), UK media is happy to provide a major disservice to the public and pit the public against The Trade Unions and opinions of NHS clinical staff; both of whom are far more aware of what the NHS needs than the Government and their business orientated managers and NHS Trust’s Boards members!

On-line and print news reporting from This Week, said this shortly after the passing of the Health & Care Bill:

“A major reorganisation of the NHS in England passed its final hurdle in the House of Commons yesterday. The Health and Care Bill “unpicks ex-health secretary Andrew Lansley’s disastrous 2012 reforms”, said The Mirror, and attempts to create a more integrated health service. The Unite union branded it an “NHS privatisation bill”, but researchers at the independent Nuffield Trust said they “do not see this as a likely effect”.

Quoting the Nuffield Trust, which is not an ‘independent’ think-tank despite claiming to the contrary, whilst supporting the whole idea of the Americanisation of the NHS and pitting the public against NHS Trade Unions and staff who know far more what the NHS needs than business leaders and private companies who will be allowed to sit on the new ICS and ICBs.

Source: unionsafety / This Week

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