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TUC Congress Presents CWU Area Safety Rep Jamie McGovern
Safety Rep Of The Year 2022 Award

As previously reported by unionsafety, CWU are very proud of the fact that Jamie McGovern, Area Safety from CWU Greater Mersey Amal Branch has been nominated and won the TUC Safety Rep of the Year award for his outstanding work in the area of mental health, and for his promotion Mental Health Aiders within the Union and of course his work on Dangerous Dogs Attacks both nationally and within his community of Merseyside.

But hat is not all. Jamie has been a member of the Merseyside Worker's Memorial Day Organising Committee for many years and was in part responsible, with John Flanagan from Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group; for the installation of a dedicated plaque to one of Liverpool's dedicated Trade Unionists, Tony Mulhearn

When Jamie's TUC award was first announced, earlier this year, CWU's National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce commented via a letter to the Union's branches:

"Jamie represents the best aspects of undertaking a CWU Health and Safety Rep's role.

To celebrate their annual awards, the TUC have produced an introductory video which they first showed at the TUC Congress this year in Brighton. Below is an excerpt of Jamie's contribution, in his own words, that all those of us who have worked with him; will recognise both in its sincerity and description of what motivates him on a daily basis:

CWU's National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce commented further via a letter to the Union's branches:

"There can be no higher cause for trade unions than saving lives and preventing injury and ill health at work - no higher calling than doing so by becoming a safety Rep. The CWU will never rest on the issue of health and safety. Through our Safety Reps, like Jamie we will work to achieve happier, healthier workplaces with a lower risk of accidents, aiming to ensure that our members are able to leave work every day as healthy as when they arrived."

He added:

"Safety Reps are the best and sometimes the only defence workers have, making sure that health and safety risks are managed properly by operational managers and employers. We know Union Safety Reps cut the rate of serious injury at work by more than 50 per cent, and over the years they've saved many lives and prevented many injuries by diligence, hard work and commitment."

The full TUC video can be found on the TUC website celebrating the work that Union Reps do everyday for the benefit of their workplace colleagues and those in their wider communities.

All the TUC Award 2022 winners are:

Lewis Akers, Congress Award for Youth, Nationwide Group Staff Union 

Jamie McGovern, Health and Safety Rep Award, Communication Workers Union 

Bella Fashola, Organising Award, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers  

Carol Sewell, Women’s Gold Badge, UNISON 

Kathryn Williams, Union Learning Rep Award, Unite 

Interestingly the image appearing on the TUC video link is that of a CWU Branch member as can be seen below. Click on it to view the video:

Image: TUC Awards 2022 - click to watch video

Source: TUC / CWU / Unionsafety

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