2023-08-25 13:09

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New Petition To Government Calling For Asbestos Removal Register

Every Year more than 5,000 people in the UK dies from Asbestos related disease, primarily Mesothelioma, pr3eviously called Asbestosis.

Image: Asbestos petition - click to sign it.Despite this, Asbestos exists as a contaminate threatening lives in approximately 3,000 to 1.5 million buildings many of which are hospitals and schools. As the Asbestos deteriorates, the risk of exposure increases on a daily basis.

Indeed, it has already been the case that old notice boards made of Asbestos have resulted inn exposing teachers to Asbestos micro-fibres which when inhaled nestle deep in the lungs and cause the deadly Mesothelioma which has no cure.

School children are at risk too as school buildings deteriorate and regular maintenance occurs less and less. The same can also be said of NHS Hospitals, which then places patients and staff at risk of Asbestos exposure.

The Government has no plans to deal with this issue, and does not even know just how many public buildings, schools and hospitals are contaminated by exposed and non-exposed Asbestos.

The ONLY way to protect the public from exposure to Asbestos, be they school children, teachers, nurses, doctors, or patients, not to mention the greater public; is to have a nation-wide plan of Asbestos removal supported by a register of buildings in which Asbestos exists and a timetable of safe removal from the buildings concerned.

Now a sufferer of Mesothelioma has set up a petition calling for just this, to the Government.

The petition is on the UK Gov petitions website and can be signed by clicking on the image on the right.

Source: Derek Maylor / UK Gov Petition website


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