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CWU National Officer Pays Tribute To Derek Maylor Following His Announced Retirement

Writing direct to Derek, and allowing Unionsafety to publish his tribute to one of the CWU's most active and knowledgeable Branch (CWU Greater Merseyside Amal) Health & Safety Officer and Union Safety Rep; National Health, Safety, and Environment Officer, Dave Joyce paid tribute to Derek saying that he wanted to thank him for his:

“..contribution as a CWU Union Health and Safety Rep, Branch Officer, Health and Safety Co-Ordinator and your past roles and participation on the North West Health and Safety Regional Forum and Committee plus the North West BT Unions Health and Safety Co-ordinators Committee, amongst the many other Health and Safety campaigns you’ve supported and promoted so well over the years including the Union Safety Website, doing a great job with Chris.

He took the opportunity to congratulate Derek on his retirement from BT Openreach and thanking him for:

“.. everything you have contributed in a very positive and helpful way during your sterling service to the Union. I wish you the best of health, happiness and good luck in the coming years.”

He continued:

“I know you’ll still be involved and will be staying connected with Health and Safety as a retired member.

I hope a more leisurely, stress-free life (after BT) lays ahead of you though.

Your contributions to the CWU over many years, a role in which you’ve done an excellent job, will be missed but I hope and trust that your positive impact and contributions will be carried on by your successor and those that follow you into the future.”

On a more personal level Dave wrote:

“I’ve enjoyed your great company and support over the years since I firstly joined the CWU NEC in 1995 as Health and Safety Committee Chair and then when I became CWU National Health and Safety Officer in 2003. It has been a pleasure working with you during that time we’ve known each other and worked collaboratively.

You were very much involved in a number of campaigns I led such as the ‘Acoustic Shock Campaign’ and campaign to strengthen the SRSC Regs plus the Control of Asbestos at Work Regs to name but a few, and of course our ongoing support for the Hazards Campaign and Clean Air Network.”

Dave concluded hi8s tribute to Derek by writing:

“Thanks for your input and the great support you gave me over the years as a true trade union safety professional – all much appreciated.

My very best regards and best wishes for the future Derek. I’m sad to see you go. You will be a great loss.

Best wishes for your new endeavours and I wish you and your family good health, as you move forward in life.”

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