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CWU's Dog Safety Campaign Article Due In Daily Mail This Weekend

Update: It was cut from the Sunday edition

Dave Joyce, CWU's National Health, Safety, and Environment national officer, has for many years pioneered the Union's campaign about dangerous dogs, the injuries they cause to postal workers and the general public, as a result of not being in control by their owners.

This month has seen the annual CWU/RMG run Dog Safety Week which helps to focus both the public and the media of the serious problems we have in this country as serious injuries and deaths from dangerous dog attacks continue unabated.

Whilst media attention tends to peak during that week to the issues concerned and lack of effective legislation against owners of dogs that go out of control and attack people and other dogs, the CWU via Dave Joyce and campaigners within the Union's Branches across the UK; remind the media of the hazards faced by delivery workers not just in Royal Mail, but also in the wider delivery industry e.g. grocery deliveries and retail deliveries to customers.

Dave Joyce has a news article coming out on Sunday 30th July in the Daily Mail.

Dave told unionsafety:

"I’ve done an interview with the Daily Mail as part of an exclusive feature article for this coming Sunday’s edition focusing on the rocketing numbers of dog attacks across the UK and the latest figures out."

He continued to say:

"Hopefully the article will be positioned well with the correct focus on irresponsible and reckless owners and the need for government action and better enforcement and I hope they’ll include a good piece of what I said about our problems with dog attacks on postal workers and in general on the public and children."

In closing, Dave added:

"I referenced the publication of our new CWU/NPCC/RM/PFWW ‘Guide Leaflet’ which I hope will be mentioned but of course you never know how they’ll put the final copy together and whether it’ll focus on facts or have a ‘slant’ on it."

Update: In the event, the article which was in fact held back from a weekday publication due to space being greater in the Sunday edition; did not appear as promised by the reporter to Dave.

Readers of The Independent will no doubt have seen an article published on 3 July (during dog awareness week) which was an interview with Postwoman/OPG Dog Attack Victim Kimberly Link Eltham DO who suffered very serious injuries.

The Dog Owner was prosecuted by The Met Police and convicted following a Guilty Plea."

That article can be read by going to The Independent article:

I’m A Postie Who Narrowly Survived A Dog Attack. Your ‘Best Friend’ Can Be Our Worst Enemy

Source: Dave Joyce / CWU

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