2023-09-18 17:26

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Cape Must Pay Demand Asbestos Victims Support Groups

Merseyside campaigners on asbestos protested outside Altrad in Warrington to protest about the refusal by Altrad, refusing to fund research into mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lung caused by asbestos.

The company bought Cape International Holdings Pte Ltd, formerly known as Cape Asbestos in 2017 and took on its liabilities, but have steadfastly refused to pay any form of compensation to the victims whose exposure to asbestos caused them to develop the incurable lung disease called Mesothelioma which is a major killer of those working with asbestos.

Speakers included victim's relatives, Rob Rayner from the Asbesto Victims Support Groups UK Forum., and John Flanagan from Merseyside Asbesto Victims Support Group.

Here is the video of speeches made at the event on 7th July 2023 in Warrington:


Images Of A Day Outside Altrad Warrington


Pic: Bak to News icon link

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