2023-07-01 12:01

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Government Announcement On NHS An Insult Following 13 Years Of Tory Caused Decline

The new Tory plans for the NHS as reported by the media, is not truly reflective of the detail in the plan.

NHS supporting campaign group Keep Our NHS Public explains:

Today's release of the Government's long-awaited NHS Workforce Plan, with its staggeringly underwhelming - and frankly insulting - plans for our NHS which include, 'Modern Pensions (we dread to think), 'Using Tech' and 'Speeding up staff training' and so on, signals a Government woefully out of touch and unwilling to tackle the real issues facing our NHS. 

Seeing as they are the architects of the most dangerous NHS crisis in its 75 year history, this shouldn't be a surprise. 

This comes in a week that Consultants in the BMA (with a whopping 71%) turnout gave a resounding 86% yes vote for strike action and NHS Radiographers, for the first time ever, voted to strike, with more than 150 trusts voting in favour. All week, ISS cleaners and porters in the GMB all over London have been out on strike as well.

The RCN didn't reach the threshold in their recent strike ballot - nonetheless a huge 103k RCN nurses votes yes to strike. 

Junior Doctors will be coming out on strike again soon too, with a five day full walk out 13th-18th July - and we'll be keeping our I Stand with NHS Staff page up to date with the latest information as soon as we have it.

While this shows there's massive workplace discontent over poor pay and conditions in our health and care sector, the crisis runs deeper still.

On Tuesday Matt Hancock told the Covid Inquiry that the NHS wasn't fit for purpose while he was in charge.  Of course NHS campaigners such as Keep Our NHS Public have been pointing out the depth of the crisis and what must be done, in all our recent activity. But we all must get involved if we want to save our NHS.
Next week is a huge milestone. The NHS is 75 years old. That's why we've got a massive week of events up and down the country.

On the NHS anniversary itself on Wednesday 5 July, Keep Our NHS Public will also be announcing our plans for a 'People's Vision' to rebuild our NHS, and safeguard it for another 75 years and more.

In the meantime the Tories are congratulating themselves on the continued decline of the NHS and the resultant march foreward with their plans to force people into private healthcare, and introducing the US system of 'no healthcare without insurance' and healthcare denial.

Conservative Friends of the NHS have decided to celebrate the NHS 75th anniversary, with a £130 a head dinner at private members’ club - The Health Secretary and Party Chairman are due to attend.

Let’s make our voices heard and show Steve Barclay and his colleagues that we are willing to fight for our NHS
Join Unite for a Workers’ Economy and Keep Our NHS Public in protest while Tories celebrate during the worst NHS crisis in history.

The Carlton Club, 69 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1PJ July 5th – 6-8 pm

KONP says:

If you're in London get down there with your KONP banners and placards and join the 'Protest the Party' - we'll be joined by the NHS Choir and fantastic speakers from trade unions and NHS workplaces.

Source: KNOP


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