2023-11-05 13:33

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Communication Workers Union Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

As most western Governments including that of the UK, stands by and watches the horific violence metere3d out by Israel and its Israeli Defence Force upon the oridnary citizens, men women and children of Gaza, the silence from Britain's Trade unions has been shocking.

But now one Trade Union condemns all acts of violence in the conflict in the Middle East and calls for a cease fire:

'The Communication Workers Union is horrified at the current crisis in Israel and Palestine, with the loss of thousands of lives, and we send our condolences and solidarity to all affected.

We condemn the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas on Israeli civilians, from brutal massacres of teenagers at raves to the kidnapping of innocent people and indiscriminate rocket attacks on civilian targets.

No cause on earth can ever justify the slaughter of innocent people, particularly of children and the vulnerable.

This also applies to Gaza, where 2.2 million people – around half of whom are under 18 – are facing the threat of death and displacement as a result of the Israeli Government’s policy of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. This is clearly against international law.

These acts of violence against Palestinians civilians, including the bombing of entire neighbourhoods and critical infrastructure in Gaza, must end.

As a trade union, we urge the British government and all political leaders to demand an immediate ceasefire and for a mediation and negotiation to bring about a just settlement based on United Nations resolutions and international law.

We send our solidarity to victims of racist attacks taking place across the world as a reverberation of the conflict and wholeheartedly condemn acts of antisemitism and Islamophobia.

We also extend our solidarity to all communication workers in Palestine and Israel who have been affected by this violence.'

This last few days have seen the bombing of hospitals and the killing of citizens following IDF orders to leave northern Gaza and head to the South as it bombs the south of Gaza too!

Source: CWU

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