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EveryDoctor Campaign Group Petition Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

EveryDoctor is a non-profit campaigning organisation run by doctors and fighting against the privatisation of the NHS.

Along with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and humanitarian aid groups, EveryDoctor is calling for an immediate ceasefire in order to provide humanitarian aid to the sick and dying Palestinians caught up in Israel's carpet bombing of the whole of Gaza.

We must remember that the death toll is terrible and the future mental health of survivors will be severely damaged by the events they have seen and their own physical injuries and experiences.

The petition wording makes it clear: 'The hostilities must cease so that those who are sick, injured and suffering can be provided with basic humanitarian and medical care as is their right as enshrined in international law.' and calls for humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza and the only safe way of that happening is a cease fire.

This petition is NOT about the rights and wrongs of the parties involved, nor does it address the final outcome of the current conflict:

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To: Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party. Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party.

From: [Your Name]

The conflict between Israel and Hamas which is currently affecting the people of Israel and Palestine is rooted in a deep, complex and violent history. As individuals we no doubt have our own personal views about cause, effect, culpability and what the future should look like. This petition is not about any of those matters; it is a call by those who sign it for an immediate ceasefire by both combatant parties in Gaza on humanitarian grounds.

It is signed by the members and supporters of EveryDoctor which campaigns primarily for the NHS, its staff and patients in the UK. Many of those signing are medical personnel to whom the horrors of trying to care for the sick, vulnerable and injured in the midst of such devastation will be almost unimaginable. Other signatories are supporters and those who simply cannot stand by silently; those for whom it is impossible to see the evolving humanitarian crisis in Gaza and fail to speak up. The hostilities must cease so that those who are sick, injured and suffering can be provided with basic humanitarian and medical care as is their right as enshrined in international law.

The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 introduced laws that relate to the protection of civilian populations during war (the previous three Geneva Conventions related to the treatment of military personnel in wartime). In relation to non-combatant civilians, medical personnel and aid workers it requires parties to a war [1]:

1. Not to attack medical workers, medical vehicles and hospitals dedicated to humanitarian work.

2. To mandate that the sick and wounded have a right to be cared for, regardless of whose side they are on.

3. To recognise the right of civilians to be protected from the dangers of war and receive such help as they need – all care must be taken to avoid harming them or their houses, their means of survival (e.g. water supplies), etc.

4. To protect those who are not fighting.

5. Not to target civilians.

These rules are not being observed and thousands of non-combatant civilians have died as a result. This must stop now. Medical personnel and aid workers must be able to access those in need immediately without fear of harm in order to provide care, treatment and humanitarian supplies.

Basic humanity and the law must prevail.

Call for a #CeasefireNOW

To sign the petition, click on the ErveryDoctor logo above.

Source: EveryDoctor

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