2023-11-14 15:07

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US Healthcare Practice Of 'Patient Dumping' Is Now In The UK

In the US patients are often dumped into the street in order to free up beds for the next patient in a rush to maximise profit by ensuring minimum hospital stays, even if the patient has nowhere to go and even when their treatment is not concluded!

Now in the UK's NHS, where 'Bed managers' are paid up to £75,000, pressure is put on patient's relatives to discharge them in order to make up for the huge waiting lists, the closure of hopsitals, and reduction in bed caapacity across the whole healthcare NHS system.

Now, a patient having a mastectomy, can be discharged the same day, with their on-going care being carried out by privately run district healthcare staff!

This report from a US TV station is part of a new documentary by John Pilger entitled 'The Dirty War On The NHS':


Whilst many in favour of the privatisation of the NHS would argue that this practice could never happen here, watching the above clip shows it is already a practice here, Furthermore, when things go wrong in such private healthcare organisations such as BUPA, and private cosmestic clinics; it is the NHS that has to pay by having to treat the patient injuries caused by the errors of the private company's surgeons e,g, breast implants.

Given that the intention is for the UK version of the US Accountable Care Organisations aka Integrated Care Boards andSystems to have their own budget control, NHS England will not be concerned at all as they expect ICS and their ICBs to at least break even on the way towards makiing proift!

Already in Liverpool as previsously reported by Unionsafety, the ICB, Cheshire and Merseyside Care Partnership recently paid accountancy consultants to provide plans to cut the nuber of hospitals in the Merseyside and Cheshire area. This despite the new Royal Hopsital has an 80 bed reduction in capacity compared to that which it has replaced.

Source: YouTube / NHS / Liverpool Echo / BBC / NHS Employers / RCN / NHS Jobs

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