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Announcing 35th National Hazards Conference 2024

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The Hazards Conference has always been one of the biggest conferences for trade union safety reps and activists.

It consists of a mixture of plenary sessions, meetings, and a comprehensive workshop programme. Delegates have an opportunity to exchange experience and information with and learn from safety reps from other unions, sectors and jobs across the UK. It is a good craic too.

The 34th Hazards Conference was held in 2023, and was a huge success, as in previous years.

Evaluation Sheet Comments included:

‘Inspiring speakers, good discussion, and summary of conference, look forward to looking at resources and presentations – will encourage other stewards to attend next year’.

‘Thank the whole Hazards team for a truly excellent conference. I ‘ll be recommending others attend when every I get the opportunity’.

‘I really enjoyed attending the conference it was super insightful and informative and has equipped me with knowledge on how to improve my workplace. I also loved the diverse range of workshops and the staff have also been great and super helpful’.
‘Another brilliant weekend with great speakers and loads of useful information’

Apply To Attend the Hazards Conference 2024 beginning Friday 30th August 2024

Tickets to attend the conference can be booked via Eventbrite

Spnsorship of the conference ensures that it can continues every year, and given the cutting back of resources available for Health & Safety within the TUC and wider Trade Union movement: Hazards Campaign is an essential for union safety reps and union activists concerned with workplace health and safety.

Their Hazards Magazine covers major issues and now as a result of the loss of TUC Risks, is the ONLY truly informative and authoritive magazine for Union Safety Reps in terms of its subject matter and ability to question what many commercial H&S institutions; do not. This includes political actions and laws which affect, often badly, the health and safety of workers and the wider commmunity. For example, the removal of the need for self employed to adhere to H&S legislation. This has reslted in greater risks to those who are self employed, the people they employ, and the wider public.

image: Hazards Conference 2024 sponsorship form - click to download and printA report of the 34th National Hazards Conference can be found here

We are so very grateful for those individuals, activists, organisations including solicitors, Trade Councils, Trade Union Works Committees, Trade Union Branches, Regions and Trade Unions nationally who sponsor the conference.

Many of the conference sponsors also attend with stalls from their organisations and share lots of valuable information.

The Hazards Conference is a unique conference of health and safety activists and representatives from across the trade union movement in the UK.

It is a place where reps from different workplaces and unions can come together to network, share their knowledge and experience, learn new skills and discuss the important and relevant
issues facing health and safety at work.

Therefore, please can your organisation consider sponsoring the 35th National Hazards Conference, which will again be a hybrid conference. If you would like to speak to someone about the conference then please email Janet: hazconf@gmhazards.org.uk

To sponsor:

please recommend that your organisation sponsor the conference, and if they agree then complete the form to the right after downloading it by clicking on the image.

Individual sponsorship is also very welcome of course.

After completion, send it to:

c.bedale@btinternet.com or mail it to: Caroline Bedale, 123 Coppice Street, Oldham OL8 4BH.

No amount is too small or too large!

The conference is supported by trade unions across the UK and Health and Safety officers from most of the trade unions attend and participate in it.

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