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Standing Ovation As Retiring National H&S Officer Says Farewell To Conference And The CWU

Following his 30 years of service to the CWU, through his developement and growth of the Union's Health & Safety Dept and of the structures within the union; Dave Joyce is finally retiring, at the age of 70.

His final farewell to the Conference delegates and Union Safety Reps and Area Safety Reps, was met with a standing ovation from all of the delegates and Union officials attending Conference.

Dave Ward, General Secretary of the CWU gave a heart-felt tribute to the work that Dave Joyce has done throughout his career in promoting the health & safety of the Union's members, and his life-long dedication to the Health, Safety, and Environmental

Here is Dave Joyce's farewell speech in full:

Dave had an illustrious career during which he showed respect to all opinions and worked harder than anyone else in the Union, according to many who worked alongside him. He gave the CWU, what will be seen as their 'Golden Years of Health & Safety', with his 100% personal commitment to the Health & Safety of all CWU members.

Winning numerous accolades for the CWU and its USRs, Dave ensured that the Union shone brightly in the world of Health & Safety and played a very influential role in the TUC, and on MPs of all parties and the three nations that make up the UK; and on the wider H&S community.

Some of his major successes for the CWU were:

> The Acoustic Shock Campaign which led to the modification of Call Centre Headsets being fitted with noise attenuators to stop hearing damage.

> The Working at Height campaign to stop fatal overhead network falls.

>The Lighten the Load Campaign which brought in Weight Controls in Royal Mail on bags, pouches, trolleys, trucks, containers and trays along with mandatory training.

> The "Tyred" Campaign we supported following a number of fatal crashes - resulting in the Government banning HGV tyres over10-Vears old being fitted to Vehicles, buses and coaches.

> The Introduction of Rehabilitation Centres and a support programme to assist those suffering musculoskeletal, manual handling injuries.

> The procurement of £8.5 million pounds worth of antiterrorist suspect package detection and analysis equipment following 9/11 and the weaponised anthrax letter attacks which killed 13 US Postal Workers and establishment of the CBRNE National Committee with government departments and emergency services.

> The Asbestos campaign that led to the 2012 Asbestos consolidated Regulations and the Diffuse Mesothelioma Compensation Fund for exposed workers.

> Our CWU Mental Health Strategy and the introduction of our own in-house Mental Health First Aid Trainers and training programme

> Agreement with Royal Mail Group on an Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

> Our Stress Risk Assessment Agreements with employers the best in the Trade Union movement.

> The Low Level Letter Box Campaign to avoid musculoskeletal and back injuries which achieved the adoption of a Private Members Bill in the House of Commons and the Agreement of all four UK governments (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) in writing to change the Building Regulations across the nation and Ban Them.

> The Introduction, provision and funding for Personal Attack Alarms for all UK Postal Workers.

> The major changing of Royal Mail and Parcelforce Uniforms and PPE over to clothing made of fabrics and materials that have been designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to protect our members from Sunlight rays of ultraviolet (UV) sun-ray radiation, that can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

> The first ever CWU Mens and Womens Health Packs.

> The first ever Women's Menopause Policy in Royal Mail

> Working with "Jo's Trust" Cervical Cancer Charity to successfully campaign for the introduction of HPV inoculation for Women to reduce and eliminate Cervical Cancer risks.

> And of course we the CWU changed Legal History when we achieved major changes to the Dangerous Dogs act to protect Postal Workers for the first time in UK history in 2014.

Due to Dave's work, the CWU is still campaigning on Asbestos and Dogs and the new threat Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or RAAC where we've succeeded in getting a nationwide Buildings Structural Engineering and Fabric Assessment programme in place with employers.

You can download Dave's full speech by clicking on the image above.

Dave Ward CWU General Secretary Pays Tribute

As Dave Ward, CWU's General Secretary said his Conference closing final words, he paid a heartfelt tribute to Dave Joyce, the Union's longest standing and only National Health, Safety, and Environment Officer:

Further information with regard to Dave Joyce's Farewell Tour, and his work for the CWU will be posted shortly.


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