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Don't Quote HSE's Inaccurate Deaths And Injuries Stats This
International Worker's Memorial Day

On International Worker's Day 20224 on 28th April, many will be looking at the workplace deaths and illness stats issued by the HSE, and quoting them as if they are definitive - they are NOT.

he true reality of workplace and work-related deaths and injuries is that the numbers of workers killed or injured whilst at work, does not include so many aspects of our working lives.

It does not include those killed whilst driving at work. Those driving to work is also not counted, nor do the figures include those killed or injured whilst using public transport such planes, ships, trains, cars or any form of transport such as helicopters because of their work or travelling to their work.

The only true source is that of the UK's Hazards Campaign which gathers figures that include ALL Aspects of our working environment, whether it be in employer's premises, building sites, travelling to work, deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents in the case of road workers, delivery and service workers etc.

For this year's International Workers Memorial Day, Hazards Campaign have produced the document pictured right, which looks closely at the true nature and statistics of worker's injuries and deaths that have taken place last year in 2023.

With the events being well attended each year to dedicate and remembers those killed by work, it is important that the figures we quote at these events are as accurate as possible.

Union Safety REps and all those in the workplace safety community know that relying on the national body which does not effectively enforce Health and Safety laws, and is now more of a commercial arm of the Government focusing on the level of funding they get from prosecutions, and deliberately does not count all workplace injuries and deaths; is not at all the best way to honour and remember those who have lost their lives and suffered injury, and pay respect to their families, friends and work colleagues.

The Hazards Campaign document can be downloaded simply by clicking on the above image of the document and is also in the Unionsafety E-Library here

You can join Hazards Campaign in order to support its work and to subscribe to the Hazards Magazine here

Source: Hazards Campaign

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